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Super Duty Bushwacker Cutout Fender Install

This week we install Bushwacker cutout fenders on the front wheel wells of the f-450 super duty. The cutout fenders and the 2.5 inch lift kit will allow us to fit the 40 inch tires up front. The Bushwacker installation instructions were awful and it took a full weekend to get them installed. We couldn’t find any Super Duty Bushwacker Cutout Fender write-up’s so we made this. For gods sakes Bushwacker make an installation video for the super duty series! The way we did it is below, but I’m not sure if we did it right.

We started by making a template of the fender flare by tracing the inside edge on a cardboard box. We then held the template up to the truck fenders and traced it on to the fender, using the measurements in the instructions as a guide.

Making fender template
Tracing template onto truck fender

We then removed the fender liner and cut the outer truck fender along the traced line using a 4 inch angle grinder.

cut outer fender
Cut outer fender

Once the outer fender was cut we placed the fender flare into position and used it as a template to cut the inner flare. Some spots were close to wires or had screw mount holes so we bent these with pliers, rather than cutting.

Tracing fender flare on inner fender
inner fender
We cut the inner fender and bent some spots
Bending allowed us to retain the screw hole to remount the liner later.
Too close to the wires to cut so we bent this spot

We test fit the fender flare, once it fit without obstruction we then started to cut the fender liner. The instructions said to cut it every three inches and to a depth that matched the inner fender. We ended up cutting to far in.

ferner liner
Fender liner cuts. Its easier if its take out first.

We spent several hours fighting with the inner line trying to get it to fit. It helped to use a heat gun to reshape the plastic.

fender liner
Fender liner after hours of fighting it.
fender liner

The instructions were not super clear on where to mount the l-shaped tabs, this is where we mounted ours.

l bracket

The driver side was more challenging due to the parking brake cable and the metal box above the cable. We were not sure if we should cut into it, so we just bent some of the protruding parts in and left it mostly alone. We used the head gun to bend the liner around these.

driver side
Driver side challenges

When the wheel is turned all the way it contacts the fender liner. We used some metal strapping to pull it back. We sandwiched the stock fender liner clips in the strapping and used the stock fender liner screws to attach it to the liner. We drilled a hole in the body mount post to attach the other end of the strap to the frame.

The problem
Metal strapping with factory liner clip sandwiched.
Showing where the strap attaches to the frame
The clearance after the strapping. No longer rubbing when steering wheel is fully turned

The tires also rubbed on the front bumper. We had to cut several inches of the bumper, enough that the rusty brackets shown in the image below would no longer mount.

Bumper trimming
Where the bumper brackets mount needed to be cut, most of what is shown here was removed.
bumper cut
Bumper cut line

Once we got all the problems worked out and the fender test fit with the liner well, we painted the fender flares with some Rustoleum. We were going for a light gray metallic look, like in this picture:

Flare color we were going for.
Our super fancy spray paint station. It came out more metallic than gray, but good enough.

That sums it up. There is plenty of clearance when not turning, however, it gets tights when the steering wheel is fully turned in one direction.

Clearance when not turning.
Clearance when not turning.
Clearance when fully turning
Clearance when fully turning
I thought it would cover the tire more, but I like the look. Mud will get sprayed every where.
I thought it would cover the tire more, but I like the look. Mud will get sprayed ever where.


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