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Shakedown Test Run

Shakedown Test Run

We took the ambulance out for a shakedown test a few miles from home. We wanted to test the lift and new tires/wheels. We also tried to get the suspension flexed out / articulated to test for rubbing. We couldn’t find any big rocks in the area so it was hard to get it to flex, but with the small amount there was no rubbing on the wheel wells.

We did have some vibrations/wobble at around 60mph so there may be some bad ball joints some where on it, or maybe the new wheels/tires are out of balance. Otherwise it went well.


  1. Looking good. I found your site from you amazon review on the bushwackers haha. Anyway, I have a non ambulance 2006 f450 I use for my lance camper. Wanted to comment, your wobble is likely the tires rather than a balljoint. I just finished replacing my balljoints, unit bearings, all the tie-rod ends, inner axle seals etc.. huge job but not crazy difficult. The track bar balljoint was the most challenging of the job. I saw in your shakedown pictures that it looks like you may have a drivers side inner axle seal leak. I just fixed that as well. Have to remove the carrier assembly and use a special press tool. There are several updates to the seals which are much improved. Let me know if you want a list of part numbers. They were a little challenging to track the correct ones down as most tech don’t know there is a difference with dana super 60 wide track.

    • Thanks ken! Lol maybe I was too harsh with the 1 star review. I think you might be right about the tires causing the wobble. I realized that my speedometer is way off now. What I thought was 60 mph was well over 70 mph. The tires are only rated up to 70 mph so they may be causing the wobble at the speeds I was going. They could also be out of balance.

      Yes, please send a list of the part numbers you found! The front axle is leaking and its probably the notorious inner seal.


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